Developed and produced in the Netherlands, it is made of virgin polypropylene and contains 15 liters of water. In the middle of the Waterboxx Plantcocoon® there is space to put a seed, a plant or a tree.

The Waterboxx Plantcocoon® collects and stores rainwater and also water produced by condensation.
It distributes between 50 and 100ml to the plant on a daily basis. It stimulates the rise of the capillary water to the top of the soil under the Waterboxx Plantcocoon®.

It prevents evaporation of the capillary water.
It prevents the development of weeds around the plant.
It prevents grazing of the plants by a certain variety of animals.
It prevents erosion of the soil around the plant.
It prevents heating of the soil around the plant.
It stimulates a balanced temperature in the root area.
The advantage of planting on the soil is that the Groasis Waterboxx Plantcocoon® can also be used for planting on rocks.

In principle the Groasis Waterboxx Plantcocoon® is used until the moment that the tree can survive on its own. It can be used for up to 10 years so that you can use it for 10 to 20 trees/bushes.  It is also very effectively used in Urban Farming planting vegetables & herbs.


  • Use for Anti-desertification / Re-forestation in dry areas
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Farming
  • Urban farming/gardening